26. oktober 2016

2 x CACIB LIPICA 2016 - well done Cici !

SLO: Vikend 8. in 9.10 smo preživeli v Lipici. Sobota je bila mrzla in vetrovna, nedelja pa sončna - topla jesenska. Cici - Ninochka's Creme de la Creme je bila več kot uspešna ! Oba dni je dosegla CAC, CACIB, v soboto še BOS in Cruft's Qualification :-). Hvala sodnikova g. Bajiču iz Slovenije in g. Andrzeju KAziemirskemu iz Poljske za odlični oceni. Vsi smo uživali - otroka, pes, in seveda jaz - po DOLGEM času spet sposobna voditi in razstavljati psa v ringu.... Neprecenljivo❤️

ENG:  Well - this weekend ( 8 & 9.10. ) we were in famous Lipica stud farm. It was a weekend of double CACIB Shows and we took our Cici - Ninochka's Creme de la Creme on Show. Saturday was COLD and windy - not nice weather for outdoor show at all! But Cici was great, she got CAC, CACIB, BOS and Cruft's qualification!!! Judge was mr. Baič from Slovenia. Yes - not bad for 19 months old girl :-) Well prepared for winter we came back on Sunday - weather was a fairytale- like Autumn should be in Karst: sun, beautiful colors, a bit windy. Show was very crowded - but Cici didn't care: she went for CAC and CACIB under mr.Andrzej Kaziemirski from Poland. It was such a beautiful Sunday - we enjoyed walking around Lipica estate - beautiful nature and beautiful horses. Was GREAT weekend ❤️❤️❤️ specially that I could handled by myself ;-) again....

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