18. avgust 2009

MOJMIROVICE - place of the Show

Opening Ceremony
Coat of Arms - Mojmirovice Manor House

A view from Park

ENG: Place of this year EuroSighthound Show was perfectly chosen. Organizers - Slovakian Sighthound Club choose beautiful park of Castel Mojmirovice to hosted 5th Special EuroSighthound Show from August 8th - 9th, with almost 400 Sighthounds in catalogue. Park with fountaine was beautiful place and Manor Hause Mojmirovice more then perfect backgraund.

The history of the Manor House began after the war with Turks, the period when refugees returned to their villages - together with newcomers. The village of URMIN becomes the seat of the House of the Hunyadis. In 1721, the hunyadis build a large Manor - House in the Baroque style ( it was later rebuild in the Classicist style after a fire ). The Monor House fauture a botanical garden that unfortunately no longer exists. The adjacent park includes many exotic trees, bushes and plants. For decades, it was one of the most beautiful parks in Upper Hungary - Slovakia.

The pride of Hunyadis was a large horse- breeding establishment, the home of many noble horses from Arabia,Spain and Italy. Many race-horses earned great success during various races and hunts. The success of hourse-breeding resulted in a public horse-race, which took place at Hunyadi rstate in 1814. It became a first horse race in Hungary. And It is logical, that together with horses Sighthounds had special place in the Hunyadis estate.


1. FCI EuroSighthound Show 2005 - Donaueschingen, Germany

2. FCI EuroSighthound Show 2006 - Lelystad, Holland

3. FCI EuroSighthound Show 2007 - Courtrai, Belgia

4. FCI EuroSighthound Show 2008 - Le Touquet, France

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